Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Day(s) | Roanoke Fine Art & Birth Photographer

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister went into labor two days after we did her maternity session!  Or the start of labor anyway.  She ended up being in labor for 4, yes I said 4, days.  We went to the hospital 3 days after I did the session, on a Wednesday afternoon.  I hope you'll bear with me on a longer than normal post, but I really think these birth sessions deserve more images to tell the true story of the new life we welcomed.

 photo DSC_9365.jpg

Yet another gorgeous view outside these Roanoke Hospital windows!
 photo DSC_9381.jpg
 photo DSC_9374.jpg
 photo DSC_9383.jpg
 photo DSC_9393.jpg
 photo DSC_9415copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9428copy.jpg
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 photo DSC_9403copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9438copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9447copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9449copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9478copy.jpg

Settling down for the night.  Night #1.
 photo DSC_9485copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9491copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9504copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9512copy.jpg
 photo 7.jpg

After night #2.
 photo 6.jpg

She made it to around 8 cms, and just wasn't progressing from there.  What we didn't know then is that the little guy's head was not in the correct position.  It was decided a c/s was the best course of action.  My poor sister was so exhausted, she had absolutely no strength left.  I was glad to see that she would finally get her much needed rest.
 photo 5.jpg
 photo 4.jpg
 photo DSC_9564.jpg

Finally, after hours of waiting, I finally got to meet my brand new nephew!
 photo DSC_9570.jpg
 photo DSC_9580.jpg
 photo DSC_9601copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9613copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9614copy.jpg

My sister, despite being awake during the surgery, was so exhausted that she passed out before she got to see her son for the first time.  And because she had been running a fever, they treated him with antibiotics before they would allow him to come to her room after she had been moved.  She had to wait 6 hours before she got to meet her baby.  Thinking about witnessing that first meeting still brings tears to my eyes.
 photo DSC_9626copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9645copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9676copy.jpg
 photo 2.jpg
 photo DSC_9682copy.jpg
 photo DSC_9706copy.jpg
 photo 3.jpg
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 photo DSC_9767copy.jpg

Congratulations Ashely and David, he is just beautiful.

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