The Artist

My name is Tanya and I have a passion.  The passion may not be what you think it is, but it's there none the less.  I have a passion not for photography, but for art.  Not for perfect family photos, but for life.  Not for smiles and eyes at the camera, but for emotion.  I am not your typical photographer, in fact I really don't like to be called a photographer at all.  I prefer to be referred to as an artist - the one you hire to create lasting works of art of your family moments.  

I love all things sunny, hazy, soft, feminine, natural, breezy, light, airy, soulful and things unseen.  From the love you can see in a family without any words spoken to details like the fingernails on your brand new baby.  I just want to capture things that move you.  

Take a look around, leave a few comments if you wish (I love to hear from you!) and enjoy something different.